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The Atelier at Arlene's is a semester based program. We have three semesters:

Spring: February through the end of May

Summer: July and August

 Fall: October through the end of December

*Keep in mind we schedule around the Holidays.

Several months before each semester, we reach out to our instructors to look at their calendars and let us know when you would like to offer during the upcoming semester. We schedule the whole semester at a time so the instructors need to let us know what they would like to offer during each month. After they decided their semester we ask the send the following information for each class or workshop:

Class/Workshop Title:

Dates and Times:

Class/Workshop Description:

Promo Photos:

Supply Lists:


To avoid confusion or mistakes we ask instructors to submit everything in one document in chronological order. We will notify instructors of the deadline to submit information. We cannot guarantee info sent after the deadline will be added to the calendar or promo materials.


If there are any scheduling conflicts we will work, to the best of our abilities, with the instructors to resolved them. We have two primary locations, in store, for in person classes or workshops, with the potential for a third space available. That means we can only accommodate a maximum of three class or workshops at one time. If times does not over lap then we will accommodate more. Online classes or workshop are different. We can only accommodate one class or workshop at a time.

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