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Atelier FAQs

Atelier at Arlene’s


How do I register for a class or workshop?

Ready to unleash your creativity? Sign up for a class or workshop! Here are three ways to reserve your spot:

  • Online: Head over to our website at Atelier at Arlene's and register for your chosen class or workshop in a few clicks!

  • In Person: Visit us at Arlene's, located at 57 Fuller Rd Albany NY. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you register.

  • By Phone: Call us at (518) 482-8881 to register over the phone.


Just a heads up! Space is limited, so we recommend registering early. Pre-registration is required to attend any class or workshop at Arlene's.


What do I need to do if I cannot make a class or workshop? How do I withdraw from a class or workshop? 

We understand that life happens! If you need to cancel or withdraw from a class or workshop, please contact Arlene's directly to avoid any problems. Arlene's facilitates all registrations and handles the cancellation policy.


Here's what to keep in mind:

  • Contact Arlene's Before the Start: Simply letting the instructor know you can't attend isn't enough. You must officially withdraw through Arlene's to avoid being marked as a "no-show" under our cancellation policy.

  • We're Here to Help: Contact Arlene's by email at, phone at (518) 482-8881, or visit us in person at 57 Fuller Rd Albany, NY 12205.


By following these steps, you'll ensure a smooth cancellation process.

Do you offer financial assistance?

While we don't currently offer dedicated financial assistance programs for classes and workshops, we strive to keep our pricing as accessible as possible. This ensures our talented instructors are fairly compensated for their expertise while keeping the learning experience affordable for our students.


We encourage you to explore our full selection of classes and workshops! You might find some introductory options or shorter workshops that fit your budget perfectly.


How do I choose a class or workshop?

Browse our catalog of available classes and workshops online, at  If you need a recommendation, you can come to Arlene’s at 57 Fuller Rd Albany NY 12205, call us during store hours at (518) 482-8882, or email us at


I'm a first-time art student – what class should I take?

We offer a range of art classes and workshops to suit all skill levels and interests. Whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned artist, there's something for you at Arlene's!

  • Getting Started: If you're new to art or haven't created in a while, we recommend checking out our beginner-friendly classes or workshops. These sessions provide a solid foundation in techniques and materials, perfect for getting your creative juices flowing. Project-based workshops are another excellent way to dive in and create something fun right away.

  • Building Your Skills: For those with some experience, consider exploring our intermediate or advanced classes and workshops. These sessions delve deeper into specific techniques and concepts, helping you refine your artistic abilities.

  • Finding Your Level:  Look for the "Level" indicator in each class or workshop description. Many are labeled "ALL," meaning they're open to all skill levels. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn from both the instructor and fellow students with different artistic backgrounds.


Still Unsure? Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! We're happy to help you find the perfect class or workshop to match your interests and experience.


Why do you keep saying class/workshop? What is the difference? 

To avoid potential confusion, we established a distinction between classes and workshops back in 2015, when the Atelier was founded. Here's a breakdown:

  • Classes: Perfect for deep dives! Classes meet for multiple sessions, allowing instructors and students to delve into a topic thoroughly. This in-depth approach fosters serious exploration and learning.

  • Workshops: Great for introductions! Workshops are single-session experiences that provide an overview or exploration of a particular medium or topic. They can act as a springboard for further learning or simply offer a focused learning experience.


Who can take classes or workshops at Arlene’s?

Our classes and workshops are designed to foster creativity and a love of art-making for everyone. We offer a variety of options to suit different interests and experience levels.

  • Adults: The majority of our classes and workshops are geared towards adults. This allows for a more in-depth exploration of techniques and concepts.

  • Middle and High School Students: We encourage artistic young minds! With the instructor's and parent/legal guardian's permission, middle and high school students can participate in some of our classes and workshops. This can be a great way to explore their artistic talents and gain new skills.


Questions? If you're unsure if a class or workshop is a good fit, feel free to contact us! We're happy to help you find the perfect program to spark your creativity.


Can I enroll after a class or workshop has begun?

Unfortunately, due to the short nature of a workshop, you cannot enroll after it has begun. 


Typically, we prefer students enroll in the class before the first session. The first session often lays the groundwork for the class, and joining late could mean missing crucial information. It can also disrupt the flow of other students. However, if the student has permission from the instructor and the student agrees to pay for the class in full we can make an exception. Keep in mind, we do not prorate or reduce the cost of classes under any circumstances. 


Here's why we prefer early enrollment: Early enrollment helps us ensure everyone has a smooth learning experience. It gives you time to prepare and the instructor time to plan effectively.


Do I receive credits or certificates for completing a class or workshop?

Students attending classes or workshops at the Atelier at Arlene’s do so for personal enrichment and are not awarded credits or certificates.


Where will my class or workshop meet?

Unless otherwise specified, in the title and or description of the class or workshop, students will meet at Arlene’s Artist Materials, Inc. located at 57 Fuller Rd Albany, NY 12205.


Are materials included in tuition prices?

Typically, supplies are not included in the cost of the class or workshop unless mentioned in its description.


Where do I find a supply list and supplies? Where can I buy them?

Need to know what supplies to bring for a class or workshop? Here's how to find the supply list:

  • Look in the Class/Workshop Description: We list whether a class requires supplies in the description itself.

  • Check the "About the Event" Section: If there's a supply list, you'll find a link to a downloadable PDF under "Materials List" in the "About the Event" section. You might need to click "Show More" to see the full description.

  • Still Stuck? No problem! Just email us at and we'll be happy to send you a copy of the supply list.

Tip: Not all classes require supplies, so be sure to check the description!


What happens if I miss a class or workshop? Can I make it up with another instructor?

The Atelier at Arlene’s and our instructors make a substantial investment when planning classes and workshops. While we understand that unexpected circumstances may arise, we must adhere to our business policy. Arlene’s can only accommodate rescheduling a student for a missed class session in the case of an emergency beyond the student's control. The student must notify Arlene’s before the missed session. If a student fails to contact Arlene’s, they will be considered a "no-show" and will forfeit that session. "No-shows" are not eligible for rescheduling, and students cannot reschedule with a different instructor.


Please note, that we do not prorate or reduce the cost of classes under any circumstances. When rescheduling, students must agree on the date and time of the rescheduled session with both the instructor and Arlene’s to ensure proper accommodations. Do not attend a class without notifying us first to avoid confusion and disruptions.


If a student misses a workshop due to an emergency beyond their control and notifies Arlene’s beforehand, they will receive a credit of equal value to use toward a future class or workshop. Otherwise, our standard cancellation policy applies.


How do I buy a class or workshop as a gift for someone?

If you know exactly what class or workshop the recipient wants to take, you can purchase a class or workshop online, in-store, or over the phone. Please see above for more details. If you are unsure of what the recipient would like to take we suggest purchasing a gift card to Arlene’s that they can use to register for a class or workshop of their choosing.


Where do I park for classes at Arlene’s?

Arlene’s has ample free parking available to customers, students, and staff. Keep in mind some days we hae multiple classes or workshops happening at a time. We suggest arriving earliest as possible to ensure you have 


Are classes and workshops to someone who has difficulty managing stairs?

Absolutely! We offer classes and workshops in our Paper Room on the main level of Arlene's. This space is easily accessible for everyone. If you have any mobility limitations or prefer a different location, please let us know in advance. We'd be happy to accommodate your needs and find a suitable space for the class or workshop.


Arlene’s  Membership


What services and benefits come with Arlene’s Membership?

 Arlene’s Membership includes: 

  • 15% off merchandise (excluding sale items).

  • Reduced rates on classes and workshops at the Atelier at Arlene’s.

  • Participation in our Annual Members Appreciation Day.

  • Exclusive invitation to exhibit in the Member Art Show and consideration for our Member Select Show the following year.

  • Priority access to preview events for select exhibitions, including the 3x3 at Arlene’s.

  • Special consideration for Art Pop-ups at the Markets – ephemeral curated exhibitions at our Makers Market at Arlene's.

  • Priority inclusion in the Makers Markets at Arlene’s.

  • Discounted rates on Makers Markets at Arlene’s Booth Fees.


How do I become an Arlene’s Member?

You can become an Arlene’s Member online. Otherwise, call (518) 482-8881 or ask at the front counter when you visit Arlene’s. 


How long is my Arlene’s Membership valid?

Arlene’s Membership is for one year and starts immediately the day you sign up. 


Can I use my membership to sign someone else up for a class/workshop?

No. Arlene’s Memberships are only valid per individual and cannot be shared with others or duplicated in any way.


Where can I check my member status?

Every Arlene’s Member is sent a Congratulations email that has a Membership card attached. That card has both the start and end date for your membership. If you cannot locate that email you can always contact Arlene’s to check. 


R Gallery at Arlene’s

How do I submit artwork to be shown in the R Gallery at Arlene’s?

The R Gallery at Arlene's is always looking for new artists! Stay up-to-date on their latest Calls for Artists by checking two places:

  • Look for the "Calls for Artists/Work" option in the R Gallery dropdown menu on Atelier at Arlene's.

  • Sign up for the R Gallery at Arlene's newsletter to have Calls for Artists and other news delivered straight to your inbox.


What is the commission for selling my work in the R Gallery at Arlene’s?

The R Gallery at Arlene’s commission is 40% of sales. 


How can I curate or jury an exhibition at the R Gallery at Arlene’s?

Are you passionate about creating exhibitions and sharing your expertise? The R Gallery at Arlene's is looking for talented individuals to curate or jury upcoming shows.

To apply, send an email to Gallery Director Andrew Ochal at In your email, be sure to include:

  • A brief description of your experience as a curator or juror (past exhibitions you've worked on, relevant skills, etc.)

  • A proposal for the exhibition you'd like to curate or jury. This could be a specific theme, a group of artists, or a broader concept.


We look forward to hearing from you!

Makers Markets at Arlene’s. 

For more info about the Makers Markets at Arlene’s, click here for its own FAQ page.

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