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Our History

For nearly ten years the Atelier at Arlene's has fostered the creativity of our community.  Whether at an art class or workshop, an exhibit, or shopping at one of our Maker Markets the Atelier mission to enrich our creative community while giving its members opportunities to truly shine. 


  • The Atelier at Arlene’s was founded with a mission to provide a safe haven for creative expression. The initial goal was to dispel fears of incompetence surrounding art-making and challenge the misconception that creativity is a privileged practice. Local artist Kris Woodward conducted our inaugural workshop on Pastel in November, attended by 15 eager students.

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  • Takeyce Walter caught the first workshop in our newly christened studio space.

  • Summer marked a significant milestone as we ventured beyond our studio walls with our first off-site plein air workshop at Six Mile Waterworks Park, led by Kevin Kuhne. This marked the beginning of our off-site workshops, fostering the belief that creativity knows no bounds and can happen anywhere. Ottavia Huang, one of our Artists in Residence, now leads engaging off-site workshops at various locations.


  • The R Gallery at Arlene’s has its first exhibit showcasing the talent of the Atelier at Arlene’s instructors. The gallery has since evolved into a monthly calendar of exhibits focusing on work by local artists, creatives, and students. 


  • We held our first Makers Markets at Arlene’s during the Holidays of 20217. The markets developed out of a passion to support locally made products, other small businesses and a drive to give local creatives a place to sell their products. Since than we have grown to two outdoor markets and a series of Holiday Markets featuring over 60 makers annually.

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  • The inaugural Annual Student Art Show was held, showcasing the artistic prowess of our students. This event became a tribute to those who support us, demonstrating the incredible talent nurtured through classes and workshops at Arlene’s.


  • Adapting to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, we transitioned online, extending our reach to a global audience. Numerous online classes were offered, featuring talented instructors who captivated students worldwide.



  • A significant milestone was achieved with the acceptance of our first class of Artists in Residence. Their presence has indelibly shaped our programming, contributing to the thriving creative community we aim to foster.


  • Arlene embraces a new chapter by seeking collaborations with other organizations to spotlight the incredible creatives within our community. Our goal is to enrich and strengthen the Capital Region's creative community, furthering our commitment to creativity and collaboration.

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