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Our accomplished and committed instructors are the heart of what makes the Atelier at Arlene’s and have been since it began in 2015. Instructors like Kris Woodward who has over thirty-five years of experience as an art instructor and has been with us since day one. Others like Corey Pitkin and Takeyce Walter whose talent left an indelible mark on their students, inspiring them to be their best. 

Our current group of instructors, including our artist-in-residences: Maria DeAngelo, Ottavia Huang, Ken Rutsky, Aly Parrott, and Tracy Loring, are deeply engaged in the art community throughout the New York State Capital Region and beyond.

2023 - 04 - Old towns & houses - Ottavia Huang.png
Boho Baskets & Bowls image M.DeAngelo.jpg
mkweeks_3_ThroughTheLotusGate - MaryK Weeks.jpeg

MaryK Weeks

F3F2E061-531B-4D90-8332-DC56B92F9D99 - Alyxandra Parrott.jpeg

Nancy Lyons



Want to teach at the Atelier at Arlene's

We are always looking for exceptional workshops instructors

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