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Instructor Proposals

Submit a proposal to teach at Arlene's


The Atelier at Arlene’s is a collaborative partnership between Arlene's Artist Materials and our instructors. Together, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality art education to our students. The Atelier at Arlene’s invites proposals from qualified artists and art educators to enrich our studio program. Our commitment is to provide a well-rounded studio curriculum that encompasses technical skill development and fosters the exploration of creativity.

Within our studio program, we offer a diverse array of classes and workshops covering drawing, painting media, bookbinding, hand-building, art journaling, and more. We actively seek instructors who bring excitement, passion for teaching, a positive can-do attitude, and the ability to create transformative art education experiences for adult students of all backgrounds. Successful candidates should demonstrate dexterity and expertise in the relevant media and subject matter.

Instructors are expected to be dynamic contributors to their field, engaging in the community on a whole, exhibitions, markets, and residencies alongside their teaching responsibilities. We welcome passionate educators to join us in shaping an inspiring and enriching artistic learning environment.

More Information about the Atelier at Arlene’s Studio Program


We are privileged to collaborate with a wonderful team of artists and instructors, and we are always open to welcoming new members into our Atelier at Arlene's family. If you are interested in teaching a class or workshop at Arlene’s, we encourage you to carefully consider the details of your offering and present a clear and concise proposal. Please note that a portfolio is a requirement for the review and approval process to become an instructor.


Applications are exclusively submitted online; click the button below to begin the submission process. Submissions are accepted on an ongoing basis and reviewed quarterly. Upon submitting your proposal, kindly follow up with an email to Andrew at for confirmation and status updates. Incomplete proposals will not be considered.


A comprehensive proposal should include the following:

  1. Personal Information (Name, Address, Phone #, Email)

  2. Pronouns

  3. Website

  4. Target student level (beginners, intermediate, advanced, or all levels if applicable)

  5. A written description of the class/workshop you propose for Arlene’s.

  6. Required media and any special equipment.

  7. Resume or CV outlining your teaching/relevant experience.

  8. Portfolio: 10 jpgs or png *Ensure the images align with the class or workshop you intend to offer.


Please contact Andrew if you have any questions, at  We will contact you on how we would like to proceed. Thank you for your time and interest in teaching at Atelier at Arlene's.

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