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message from the director

Dear Friends, 


The Atelier at Arlene’s is one of several programs presented by Arlene’s Artist Materials designed to enrich our local community. Starting in 2015, the program was created to help people trust their creativity and it was worth investing in. Once people were given the opportunity to experiment, all doubt was erased and nothing was left but possibility.


One of my favorite aspects of the program is the great community of students and instructors that grew over the years. Students that are open in learning and genuinely supportive of each other. Instructors that are generous with their time and invest in students' development. As a program we are a good mix of traditional, academic, artistic training and fun, stress-free project based learning. We listen to our students and do our best to evolve with their needs.

Thanks for your time and stay creative.

Andrew Ochal

Director, the Atelier at Arlene’s

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