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Structure of the Program

We are open to a lot of topics relating to class or workshops. There are only two stipulations that all classes and workshops must abide.

  • The Topic for the Class or Workshop must relate to products sold at Arlene’s.

    • We are open to a variety of topics for classes/workshops as long as it ties back to products we carry in the store. We can “special order” products when necessary for classes/workshops but if the topic deals with products that we cannot get from any of our suppliers then its off the table

  • The Class/Workshop can only be offered during store hours.

    • We are a small business and cannot staff the store beyond the hours we are already open. We open to classes during the week, evenings on Thursday, and Saturdays are really popular too.

*Online classes or workshops can be scheduled outside of store hours. Keep in mind the majority of students prefer classes or workshops during the day on both week days and weekends.

  • We do not schedule on Mondays. We have tried and they do not work.

How does the Atelier at Arlene's define a class and workshop?

To avoid any confusion, we have come of with our own definitions for a class and workshop.


  • Class: A class meets for multiple sessions. This gives the instructor and students time to go more in depth and focus more seriously on a topic.

  • Workshop: Workshops meet for a single session where the topic is generally reviewed and explored. A workshop can serve as an ice-breaker into a particular medium or focus specifically on a topic

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