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Arlene’s is responsible for all registration of students and the handling of all moneys relating to classes/workshops. Once a student has paid for the class/workshop they are officially registered. People who do not pay for a class/workshop will not be registered and we will not reserve a space for them and will be locked out if registration fills up. After registering, each student receives a confirmation email that includes a copy of the Supply List. Students also receive reminder emails closer to the date of the class/workshop.


Pre-registration is required to attend all classes and workshops at Arlene’s. That is so we can assure we have enough money to pay the instructor for their time. Generally, if we have enough money to pay the instructor then the class/workshop will run.

Students can register online on our website as well as the store’s Facebook page. Otherwise they can call the store, at (518)482-8881, or come into the store, at 57 Fuller Rd Albany NY 12205, to reserve their space.

Registration for classes/workshops remains open till 3:30pm the day before the start of the class/workshop in the hopes of running them. A lot of people wait ti the week of the class/workshop to register because of their schedule.


Instructors are contacted, by email, a couple weeks prior to each class/workshop about registration. The email includes an up to date class list, with students emails. As soon as a new student registers the instructor is made aware and a current class list is provided. If there is low enrollment we will talk with the instructor on how they would like to proceed.


If a class/workshop is projected to cancel we will call it two days, at least, before it is scheduled to begin. Arlene’s handles all cancellations, refunds, and credits. If instructors need to cancel a class please contact us as soon as possible. Do not contact the students directly. Arlene's will handle everything and we can discuss rescheduling or a make-up sessions that works for all parties involved

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