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Celebrating Ottavia Huang: An Artist of Distinction!

We are thrilled to extend our warmest congratulations to our esteemed artist-in-residence and instructor, Ottavia Huang, for the recent recognition garnered through an enlightening interview with AHA! A House for Arts and a captivating article featured in Spot 518.

Discover Ottavia's Artistic Journey: Originally hailing from Indonesia and Taiwan, Ottavia Huang embarked on a transformative artistic journey upon relocating to the Capital Region in 2018. As a watercolor and sketch artist, Ottavia's creations reflect her profound love for art and her unique perspective on the world around her.

🔗 AHA! A House for Arts Interview: Explore Ottavia's world through the lens of AHA! A House for Arts in their insightful interview. Discover the inspiration behind Ottavia's sketches and gain a deeper understanding of her artistic process. Watch Ottavia's AHA! Interview here

📰 Spot 518 Showcase: Step into Ottavia's creative realm with the engaging article titled "Illustrator Ottavia Huang Showcases Her Work at Colonie Art Store and Gallery" by Amy Modesti. Learn more about Ottavia's artistic prowess and the unique stories her illustrations tell. Read the Spot 518 Article here

Ottavia's dedication to her craft and her ability to connect with others through art makes her an invaluable part of our creative community. We are immensely proud to have Ottavia as part of our artistic family, and we look forward to witnessing the continued brilliance of her work.

🎉 Join us in celebrating Ottavia Huang's artistic achievements! Your creativity is an inspiration to us all.


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