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Announcing the Artists Chosen for the Members Select Show at R Gallery at Arlene's

We are thrilled to introduce the talented artists chosen to headline our inaugural Members Select show in April 2024. Join us in welcoming Kathy Klompas, Laura Scott, Helga Prichard, and Mary Sherwood as they share their exceptional work with our vibrant community. Get ready for an extraordinary showcase of artistic brilliance that promises to captivate and inspire.

  1. Kathy Klompas: An early passion for textiles guided Kathy Klompas to fiber and costume design studies. Her exploration of printmaking became a favored mode of expression during her retail career. Now, as an Oakroom Artist and owner of Ragged Edge Printmaking Studio in Cohoes, NY, Klompas combines early textile influences with digital processes in her captivating work.

  2. Laura Scott: Laura Scott's art serves as a conduit for exploring the spirit of the world around us and fostering awareness of our connection to others. Overcoming mental and physical obstacles, Scott channels her experiences into emotionally resonant art, offering viewers a profound journey through her expressive creations.

  3. Helga Prichard: An award-winning artist and painter, Helga Prichard is actively involved in the Capital district art scene. Drawing inspiration from her background in Modern Dance, Prichard's work employs dance's elements of time, space, and energy, resulting in captivating and dynamic artistic expressions.

  4. Mary Sherwood: Self-taught artist Mary Sherwood, based in rural upstate New York, has been immersed in drawing and painting for over 30 years, focusing on watercolor and pastel mediums. Inspired by generous artists like Ann Lindsay and influenced by Frederick Franck's Zen drawing techniques, Sherwood captures the beauty in the everyday through her intuitive approach to art.

Stay tuned for more details about the Members Select show and upcoming exhibits at the R Gallery at Arlene’s


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