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Marketing and Promotion

Arlene’s markets each class/workshop on our social media accounts, the store email newsletter, the program's newsletter, blog and with print materials, like brochures, flyers and bag stuffers. We expect each instructor to publicize their own classes/workshop. It is our experience that classes/workshops that are advertised by instructors run more often with higher attendance.

Social Media

Every class/ workshop is built online through Eventbrite and link to the store's Facebook events page. Depending on the registration of the class or workshop we also use the store's Instagram and twitter accounts to promote them.


Newsletters are the primary way we advertise our classes and workshops. The program has its own newsletter that goes out three times a week . The store has a main newsletter that goes out a couple times a month where classes/workshops are featured as well.



In 2020 we started a blog, ArtTalk,  that features many posts relating to our classes/workshops and their benefits.


Print Materials

Each semester a class brochure is generated and printed for distribution at the store and for instructors to hand out. Brochure feature all classes/workshops scheduled for that semester as will as other events happening at Arlene's. Other print materials include flyers and bag stuffers

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