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Application Process


How long is the AIR Program?

AIR length is about a year commitment starting in the beginning of October and ending at the end of the following August. Bachelor's or Master of Fine Arts degrees are preferred though not required.

Who is eligible to apply?

Any artist is eligible to apply as long as they are at least 21 years of age and not enrolled in a degree program at the time the residency would occur.


Can collaboratives apply?

No. Arlene’s can only accommodate individual artists at this time.


Is it possible to submit both jpegs and video?

Yes, you may submit up to 15 total uploads of any mix of jpegs (up to 5MB each), audio, or video (up to 250MB each). Do not include external links to media samples or websites. Do not include multiple page PDFs as one media sample.


What if my contact information or reference information changes after I’ve submitted my application online?

Email the Director of Education and Residencies, Andrew Ochal with any changes.


Can I edit my application after it has been submitted?

If it is before the deadline, yes. First email the Director of Education and Residencies, Andrew Ochal making him aware. Second, submit another application with the intended information. No changes can be made after the deadline.


What if I experience technical problems with the application?

Email the Director of Education and Residencies, Andrew Ochal and he will do his best to asset you. 


May I snail mail my application and supplementary materials to Arlene's?

No, all applications must be submitted through JotForms.


What is the decision-making timeline?

Application Deadline is Saturday, April 30, 2022. Select Candidates will be notified for an interview by Saturday, May 14, 2022. Accepted AIR will be chosen and notified  after all interviews are completed.




What is the studio space like? 

Our main Studio Space is a bright versatile space located in the basement under Arlene’s Paper Room. It is 14'X40', which is about 600 square feet with storage. As the AIR you will be given a semi-private workspace that can only be accessed during store hours. The AIR workplace is equipped with tables, wall space, storage artificial light, an easel (if requested) and wi-fi.

What do AIR have access to?

AIR will receive access to the facilities and technical expertise available through our staff and teaching faculty, some exceptions apply.


Are there any material restrictions?

AIR are prohibited from using high-fume mediums including but not limited to paint and lacquer thinners, aerosol paints and fixatives, and turpentine in the studios. In order to provide a low-odor environment in the studios, residents are limited to using linseed oil as an oil painting medium and odorless mineral spirits as a solvent. Synthetic resin and encaustic materials may be used in the studios with the prior approval of Director of Education and Residencies, Andrew Ochal.


Is there WiFi in the studios?

The studio is equipped with WiFi. 




AIR is responsible for their own housing




What is expected of me while I’m in residence?

Arlene’s expects each AIR to use their time and studio space to actively pursue artistic research. The residency experience is not product-oriented or tied to a specific project proposal. Minimum of 10 hours a week of studio work is required.  


What programming am I required to participate in?

Opportunities for meaningful engagement and exchange are built into each residency session, including an Artist Talk and an exhibit in the R Gallery at Arlene's, after their residency is completed. Each event invites members of the community to learn more about what’s happening at Arlene’s, explore residents’ work, and ask questions. Participation in these events is required.


Also, AIR is required to teach at least one class, with a minimum of 3 sessions, or 3 individual workshops per semester with the Atelier at Arlene’s during their residency period. Residents will be paid for their time, relying on if the class/workshop runs. 


What other programming is there?

There are a variety of other public programs held throughout each residency session, including monthly gallery openings, seasonal Makers Markets at Arlene’s and more. AIR has the option to participate in any classes or workshops at the Atelier at Arlene’s on a space-available basis (The AIR is responsible for all materials). Arlene's adds new programs throughout the year and AIR are encouraged to get involved. Participation in these programs is optional.


Can I sell my work during events/programs?
Artists can sell work as a part of the Makers Markets at Arlene’s or through the R Gallery at Arlene’s. All fees and percentages apply. Contact the Director of Education and Residencies,
Andrew Ochal for more information.


Is there a volunteer or community service requirement?
No. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us as there are a variety of hands-on opportunities.




There are no fees to apply or associated with the AIR program at Arlene’s. 

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