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Musicians by Cindy Burola

Musicians by Cindy Burola

SKU: F022

Musicians by Cindy Burola is an acrylic on panel measuring 8X10".


Musicians is part of the Flat File Program at Arlene’s.The Flat File Program, a cornerstone of our gallery's commitment to art and community, serves multiple vital purposes:


  • Promoting Local Artists: This program spotlights the exceptional two-dimensional works of selected artists, showcasing their talent and creativity.

  • Affordable Art Acquisition: It provides art enthusiasts and collectors with an accessible means to add original artwork to their collections at affordable price points, ensuring that art remains inclusive and within reach for all.

  • Fostering Creative Community: By featuring a diverse array of artists and their works, the Flat File Program enriches our creative community, offering inspiration and exposure for emerging and established talents alike.
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